Community, Service, & Discipleship

Bonhoeffer House is a missional community for Christians. Seminary students and college students are invited to live here, as well as professionals. A ministry of First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Midtown Houston, participants of the House live in intentional community, the kind of community inspired by Dietrich Bonhoeffer's classic work, Life Together. Those who live in the home will also do the work of ev​angelism and discipleship, taking advantage of the House's immediate proximity to Houston Community College, a 20,000 student campus and Midtown's bustling social life.

We currently have one opening in the house for a male. Our apartment has room for two females, and both spots are occupied at this time. 


While this is a Lutheran ministry, those from other denominations are encouraged to apply. Houstonians and those who have been influenced by the life and writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and who are committed to life in community and the work of evangelism are encouraged to apply as well.


Bonhoeffer House is not a seminary. Participants who live here may be attending seminary online or in Houston while they live here, but the House itself is not a seminary, nor does it seek to be a seminary. What Bonhoeffer House offers is the opportunity to engage in hands-on ministry and life in community while theological instruction is sought elsewhere. The communal life, evangelical work and theological studies will receive supervision, mentoring and guidance through the staff of the House. 


Weekly Schedule

While this may vary, the general schedule for the week will be as follows:



    AM Congregational Worship

    6 pm Community meal, Bible Study, and Prayer


    8:30 pm Compline


    7:00 pm Bible Study

    8:30 pm Compline


12 - 1:30 pm  Jesus 101 - Outreach to HCC Students, during the school semesters

      8:30 pm Compline


      8:30 pm Compline